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Digital Marketing Strategy

When we ask, what is your Digital Strategy, most reply:"ask my Social Media team or IT Manager"
The Client

We Need To Grow

The digital department, led by the CDO, should be responsible for the entire transformation, but the real transformation must be top-down. This means a cultural shift, and the leadership team is best placed to understand the opportunities that come with digitisation. Successful teams plan their activities and learn that they need to take an integrated approach. They plan for the future and learn from their past successes and failures and the challenges they face by adopting integrated approaches.

The Challenge

We Tried Many Tactics And We Are Still Not Growing

Digital adoption efforts are paying off, as evidenced by the fact that more than half of companies that have adopted a Digital First strategy have identified it as one of their top priorities. The challenge remains that all companies agree that they need to have a clear strategy for digital adoption to ensure that their workforce adheres to the new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that accompany the transition. Empowering people to successfully navigate a new digital framework by continuously learning is something else entirely.

First Step

Digital Assessment

As digital technologies become more ubiquitous and companies continue to advance on the path of digital transformation, digital strategy and business strategy are no longer the same. The most important benefit of a digital assessment is to ensure that you, as an organisation, are well positioned to address the future of your digital business and chart a path to long-term digital leadership. This helps to assess whether a digital initiative is worthwhile and whether the results and predefined objectives are achieved.

Second Step

Gap Analysis

Digitally mature companies are more likely to participate in the digital ecosystem, and their employees are often organised into functional teams. Employees in digitally mature organisations have the ability to innovate in their workplaces, regardless of which workplaces they are. Digitised companies report that they provide their employees with sufficient resources for innovation. The most digitally mature companies are more likely to develop the digital leaders they need.

Third Step

Strategic Actions

To help you get started, we have created a powerful framework. You will know exactly what to do in details and even the time-frame. We will be identifying Quick-Hits actions which in 1 to 3 months can jump start your digital transformation and start providing ROI. You will be able to benchmark and compare where your organisation is and assess your digital potential to identify where it needs to be in the future. Our strategy will help you get started and your business will flourish if you are willing to let us help you.

Fourth Step

Risk Matrix

We use the Risk Matrix in our strategy, as a pivotal tool in risk management; it acts as a visual aid to assess the probability and impact of potential risks. This methodical approach allows for a clear understanding of which areas require immediate attention and resources, and which risks can be monitored over time. Implementing a Risk Matrix not only helps in mitigating risks but also in strategic planning, ensuring that a company is prepared for uncertainties and can respond effectively to challenges that may arise.